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We are Alex Wolfe and Leslie Wolfe, licensed professional real estate agents with Cherrywood Real Estate in Oklahoma City and the surrounding metro. While we both have had established careers in different industries, we've found that we bring a lot of unique value to our clients through our different experiences and skills. When you hire Wolfe Real Estate, you're getting a 2-for-1 realtor deal. We enjoy working together, brainstorming, strategizing, and balancing each other's skillsets, schedules, and experience. Sometimes we work deals completely together, sometimes we work more independently. Each client and property is different. But when you work with us, you'll always feel heard and supported by both of us. Keep reading for more about us! 


Leslie was born and raised in Oklahoma City and didn’t get too far away from home to pursue a Marketing degree from Oklahoma City University. For the last decade, Leslie developed her professional expertise in marketing strategy and business development. After purchasing her first home in 2019, Leslie took even more interest in real estate and made the decision to pursue her license. In 2021, Leslie remained in corporate marketing for the real estate education and media powerhouse, BiggerPockets. She was exposed to the best of the best in real estate investing and real estate market data.

She’s passionate about educating first and second-time homebuyers through the process and committed to helping her clients achieve their real estate goals.


Her expertise? You guessed it. Marketing, lead sourcing, sales and pricing strategy. Leslie has great relationships with mortgage lenders, contractors, and insurance agents that she will always share.

Leslie is a busy mom to a 1 year old and 3 golden doodles, Sometimes showings get crowded!



Alex grew up in Tulsa before moving to Norman, OK to attend the University of Oklahoma where he earned a BA in Energy Management and Finance. In 2011, he accepted a position as a Landman and then a Land Supervisor at an energy company in OKC.  In 2016, Alex started purchasing rental properties and then in 2019 decided to get his real estate license.  In June of 2020, Alex diversified to pursue a career in real estate at Cherrywood Real Estate, and to continue to invest in real estate in OKC. Alex is a partner in a local real estate investing group and is the Managing Partner of Three Points Land. 


Alex’s favorite part of being a realtor is helping clients through the exciting process of locating a home that fits all of their criteria, negotiating for a fair price, and then the satisfaction they feel when the offer is accepted and they close on their new home.


Alex enjoys spending his summers at his family lake house on Fort Gibson Lake, skiing in Colorado, and golfing and golf cart rides with Leslie and their three Goldendoodles. 


Have a question about us or our experience? Need a reference or a referral from our clients? Please ask! If nothing else, we'll send you some really cute Goldendoodle photos if you just need a daily pick-me-up. 

In all serious: When you hire us, you are assured from day one that we have you and your family's best interest at heart. To us, that means giving you our best advice as if it were us or our loved ones making the decision. If we don't know an answer, we're committed to finding you the best resource. We will NEVER encourage you to make a financial or contractual decision that doesn't serve you. We will always communicate with you efficiently and effectively. We take pride in treating each client like family. We have fun. We educate and inform you. We listen. And so much more. 

Learn more about how each one of our real estate transactions serves and supports the Oklahoma City Community here. 




  • First-time home buyers

  • Residential/Single Family Homes

  • Urban Living & Historic Homes

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  • Investment Properties /Multi-Family

  • Residential/Single Family Homes

  • Raw Land

  • Urban Development/Commercial

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