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Hiring a Realtor

Real estate is a very complicated process. Real Estate agents are licensed and trained professionals to make sure when you're walking through really big life decisions, you're informed and confident. No real estate transaction is alike.


Hiring a real estate agent is like finding a sherpa to guide you to the top of Mt. Everest (okay, we wish it was that cool). But you wouldn't want to embark on that kind of journey before knowing the best routes to take, evaluating the conditions of the environment, or knowing how to handle situational emergencies. There's a massive level of trust there. And hey, it can be emotional and a bit scary at times. 

As your friend, we highly recommend talking with a real estate agent before attempting to buy or sell a home on your own or with a pre-packaged real estate service. Having a real person you know and trust on the fighting side of your best interest is 100% worth it whether you are buying or selling.

Here are a few benefits of hiring a real estate agent: 

1. Preparation - Your agent can guide you through all the upfront steps before buying or listing a house. From helping to get you pre-qualified for a mortgage or helping you source contractors for home repairs, an agent's job is to make sure you are prepared and equipped to enter into a transaction with your (and your home's) best foot forward. 

2. Marketing, Searches, Fielding - When you hire an agent, the goal is for you to only have to worry about the fun part - shopping for houses and/or receiving great offers on your home for sale. Sounds easy, right? Not usually! An agent's job is to ensure that finding the home of your dreams comes easy to you by setting you up for success. On the other end, your agent is fielding phone calls, setting up showings, asking the right questions, and ALL the other gatekeeping the comes along. 

3. Negotiation and Expertise - You don't know what you don't know...but your real estate agent does! As an agent, our duty is to be an advocate for you, your needs, finances, and so much more. Your agent will give you advice that is dire to make smart life and financial decisions. That means negotiating on your behalf, guiding you through Oklahoma real estate law, knowing the economy and market, providing ethical, unbiased information, life coach, therapist - we got this. 

The best part about working with an agent? IT'S FUN. Seriously. We laugh. We talk about interior design and community and family. And when it gets hard, you have an expert to turn to. 

Did you know? On a typical real estate transaction, the standard real estate commission is 6% of the sale price. The 6% is split 50/50 between the buyer agent and the seller agent. Traditionally, the seller covers the buyer and the seller agent's commission and fees. An agent will typically have to pay a percentage of their commission to their broker. All transactions are different and subject to buyer and seller agreements. 

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